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Nirvana Dispensary, Budtenders


We are seeking a professional capable of guiding our clients on their journey into the world of cannabis with expert knowledge of the product and exceptional customer service. Their main goal will be to create a warm and welcoming environment for clients, ensuring a positive experience with each visit. Additionally, we are looking for someone who stays updated on the latest products, varieties, and trends in the cannabis industry.
Nirvana Dispensary, Inventory Leads


To oversee and manage inventory processes to ensure accurate stock levels. Collaborate with suppliers and internal teams to optimize supply chain efficiency. Additionally, maintain compliance with state regulations regarding inventory tracking.


If you're ready to embark on a fulfilling journey with Nirvana Dispensary, please send your resume highlighting your passion for cannabis and why you resonate with the Nirvana brand to:

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Join us in creating a space where cannabis enthusiasts can find their Nirvana. Elevate your career with Nirvana Dispensary!